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I M M E R  B E S S E R


Founded in 1899 Miele has followed its ‘Immer Besser’ brand promise for 120 years. Translated as ‘Forever Better’, ‘Immer Besser’ is in our DNA and every aspect of our products and services is regularly examined and improved.

‘Immer Besser’ means that every appliance is designed and tested to perform outstandingly for the equivalent of 20 years’ of use.


It is this obsession to detail and genuine craftsmanship that leads us to test consistent browning by baking 10km of shortbread in an oven that is accurate to one degree celcius. And with three panes of glass in our oven doors, all the while your food is cooking to absolute perfection, the door remains painless to touch. 

Immer Besser
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M I E L E  B R A N D


IIn many countries Miele is the most coveted brand in its branch of industry. In its German home market, Miele was even voted 'best brand ever' across all product branches. And the ownership of products from such a brand reveals much about its users: Miele customers have high expectations for the performance and the environmental friendliness of their domestic appliances. People who buy Miele are quality conscious and have style! 

Miele Brand
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M I E L E   D E S I G N


Miele believes in clean lines, timeless elegance, and intuitive handling. Whether 

a conventional rotary switch, discreet sensor controls, or a high-resolution touch 

display: operating a Miele is both easy and fun. Nowhere else will you find such a 

comparable range of carefully coordinated design lines and colour options, to suit the 

most diverse kitchen furniture fronts. Whatever the style of your kitchen: Miele is the 

perfect match. 

Miele Desgn
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 M I E L E   T E C H N O L O G Y

Miele stands for fascinating technology and excellent results combined with 

minimum energy consumption. This applies to the hygienic and gentle care of your 

laundry, your flooring and your crockery as well as when conjuring up exquisite 

culinary delights. The key to this is a wealth of innovative features available only 

from Miele. This is borne out by numerous first places in leading product tests 

conducted around the world. 

Miele Technology
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 M I E L E  Q U A L I T Y

For more than 100 years: it has been a proven adage that you can trust Miele and 

rely on our appliances. We test our household appliances up to 20 years of use. 

Once a Miele, always a Miele: Miele customers around the world remain loyal to 

Miele and recommend Miele to others. Looking to the future, we promise not to 

entertain any compromises when it comes to quality and durability! 

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 M I E L E   C R A F T M A N S H I P

Miele stands for true craftsmanship, combining vision, precision and a great deal of 

attention to detail. Each of our products is manufactured to the highest standard and 

is subject to stringent quality controls including individual surface tests with gloves. 

From handles milled from a single piece of metal to matching gap dimensions across 

all product groups, each element is part of our journey to absolute perfection. 

Nothing is more important to us than that you enjoy Miele for a long time. 

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 M I E L E   S E R V I C E

Miele customers enjoy preferential treatment: thanks to our fast and efficient aftersales 

service operation which has been voted best in its branch of industry many 

times over. If you need personalised instructions on appliance use or professional 

cleaning of your appliances, Miele will gladly visit you at home. We will always be 

there for you. That’s a promise! 

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